Unconfirmed Report (I swear…really…)

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The Open Door

Informants, er, inform me that Evanescence’s long-awaited new album “The Open Door” has hit the torrent sites. They further state that the download is complete, of good sound quality, and properly labeled.

Having just finished their first listening, my informant’s favorite song from that album continues to be the horrendously named single “Call Me When You’re Sober” (which I also happened to enjoy). They admit, however, that they are biased from having listened to the single and watched the video many times over the past few weeks. They also have an affinity for wolves.

As for myself, I’ll admit I was irrationally hoping for another “Bring Me To Life” or “My Immortal”. Oh well. From what I am told, the album is a perfectly good listen.

My biggest hope for the band is that they do not succumb to what I call “Cranberries Syndrome”. This is when a band achieves mega-hit status with it’s (immaculately marketable) first few albums, then subsequently releases increasingly pompous and artsy albums, alienating their fan base (whom, if they wanted pompous and artsy music, would listen to Radiohead - not that there’s anything wrong with that.).

Anyway, this doesn’t seem to be happening so far with Evanescence. Maybe they realize people still remember which movie propelled them to superstardom.