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My previous comments still stand and doubly so. NIU Campus police arrived at the scene of the shooting within two minutes and it was already over. An armed response by someone in that room could have ended the rampage with significantly less loss of life. As is was, Illinois law and NIU regulations rendered the victims defenseless. The perpetrator was able to casually reload without any fear of a counter attack.  


Food Photography

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Steak and Eggs

I took my last grueling final today so the semester is finally over. To celebrate, I decided to fry up a ribeye and experiment with food photography. As it turned out, the experiment was kind of rushed because I didn’t want my meal to get cold.

The results are ok, but not great. The flash really brings out meat’s texture, but it also washes out the egg whites. Still, it’s not bad for a first attempt.



Window in the Grass

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Here’s a typical example of NIU’s silly outdoor sculpture:

Window in Rock at Northern

I suspect it’s some sort of portal to another universe. So far, however, I haven’t been able to turn it on. 

The sad part is: Compared with some of the other sculpture here, this piece is actually not that bad. It doesn’t say anything particularly meaningful; but it’s well done for a (chopped up) rock with a hole in it. Note the Picasso imitation in the background.

Maybe it really is a portal. I wonder if they have lots of Zeppelins on the other side.