Food Photography

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Steak and Eggs

I took my last grueling final today so the semester is finally over. To celebrate, I decided to fry up a ribeye and experiment with food photography. As it turned out, the experiment was kind of rushed because I didn’t want my meal to get cold.

The results are ok, but not great. The flash really brings out meat’s texture, but it also washes out the egg whites. Still, it’s not bad for a first attempt.



Lightning Shots

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Tonight’s thunderstorms gave me a chance to try some more lightning photography. Here are a few of the results:

lightning bolt with billboard

This one was an eight second exposure at f/4.  

Here’s another:

Another Lightning Photo

This is an eight second exposure at f/2.5. It was taken through my windshield in the rain with the wipers going.  Notice the speckle of “hot pixels” on this one that isn’t present on the first one. I think it’s due to the lower f-number; but I’m still not exactly sure why. It could be my ancient camera. I’ll use a higher f-number from now on.


Lightning and power lines

This was a five second exposure at f/4. It might have been one of my best shots if I hadn’t bumped the camera and blurred the power lines. (I didn’t crop this one. That’s actually how close it was!)